LWB celebrates with tenants in Reudnitz-Thonberg

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Reudnitz-Thonberg prefabricated housing estate, the LWB invited its tenants to a family celebration in the Cäcilienpark on Saturday. From 11 a.m. a colourful entertainment and participation programme for young and old started. By late afternoon the newly laid out green area was well filled, neighbours sat together.

The wheel of fortune kept turning at the LWB booth, and tenants took the opportunity to talk to LWB staff. "Many of our customers like living here because of the central location and the good infrastructure," says branch manager Norbert Alber. "They don't want to move away and asked about apartments suitable for the elderly and wanted to know when the houses would be renovated". Anniversary tenants such as the Grieshammer family were pleased to receive a thank-you for their 30 years of rental loyalty.

Various partners contributed to the success of the LWB celebration. For example, children had great fun at the stand of the Volunteer Fire Department East, where they were allowed to aim a real fire hose at a splash wall and jump through arches of water. At the stand of Stadtreinigung Leipzig, they practised correct waste separation and painted fabric bags. The Mühlstraße 14 e.V. came with its "art suitcase" and had homemade lemonade ready. Johanniter provided information on first aid measures.

24 June 2019

Mieterfest Reudnitz Thonberg Mieterfest Thonberg 30 Jubileum Mieterfest Thonberg 30 Jubileum