LWB Strengthens Social Engagement in Leipzig-Grünau - Municipal Landlord Supports Associations and Initiatives

The Leipziger Wohnungs- und Baugesellschaft mbH (LWB) has increased its commitment to donations and sponsoring. In total, the municipal company supported 41 associations, initiatives and charitable projects last year. The focus is on social activities in the residential areas," says Iris Wolke-Haupt, LWB Managing Director Housing and Construction. The commitment will be strengthened in the future in the areas of environment and innovation.

Leipziger Wohnungs- und Baugesellschaft mbH (LWB) is further expanding its social activities in Leipzig-Grünau by taking over sponsorship of a primary school. As part of the cooperation, initially limited to one school year and organized by the Ralf Rangnick Foundation, the Friedrich Froebel Elementary School will, with the help of the LWB, revive its school garden and grow its own fruit and vegetables. In addition, a small henhouse for laying hens is to be built in the schoolyard.
According to school principal Kerstin Baron, the aim is to teach the children appreciation of natural resources and knowledge about healthy and regional nutrition. The joint responsibility for the garden and for animals is intended to promote team spirit and integration in the classes and in the entire school. Children from many different nations learn in the educational institution. The pupils come from different social backgrounds.

"As a large landlord in Grünau, we also know the living situation of many families. Therefore we often know where help is needed," says LWB office manager Christian Apel. "It is important to us that our support benefits children and families in difficult social situations." This also applies to other LWB commitments in Leipzig-Grünau. Among other things, the LWB supports the baby, toddler and family housing communities of Generationenhof gGmbH.
There is a long-standing cooperation with the Urban Souls e.V. This non-profit and independent youth welfare organization runs the Heizhaus children's and youth cultural center in Grünau, a hotspot for young people with a wide range of leisure activities.

At the same time, the LWB sees its role as creating networks for social projects. In this way, it has succeeded in gaining additional supporters for the Urban Souls association: Finally, the association project "Grünau moves" was supported by the Leipzig hilft Kinder foundation, the Opernball Leipzig Production GmbH and Porsche Leipzig GmbH.

"In Leipzig Grünau we work together with many different partners and volunteers. These are associations as well as the neighbourhood management, the ecumenical housing project Quelle, Empatis Youth Aid, Caritas or the Workers' Welfare Association," reports Jens Essbach. He heads LWB Social Management, which supports, advises and mediates assistance to LWB tenants in emergency and conflict situations.

"The LWB is involved in Leipzig in many different ways, and together with the local community and other actors, takes responsibility for the development of the city's neighborhoods," emphasizes Ute Schäfer, LWB Director of Finance and Asset Management. Particular focus is placed on the three funding areas of the Socially Integrative City in Leipzig programme. These are Grünau, Paunsdorf and the east of Leipzig.

"We don't just rent out apartments. We also feel responsible for the quarters and the tenants in our buildings," says Iris Wolke-Haupt, LWB Managing Director of Housing and Construction. For example, by supporting associations and initiatives that are specifically concerned with improving the living environment or helping people in difficult living situations, the LWB is investing in social cohesion. For example, the Diakonie and the Association of International Women, the Leipzig Youth Centre, civic associations and the Leipzig Volunteer Agency receive help from the LWB. 

"In the future, in addition to our social commitment in the neighborhoods, we will further strengthen our activities in the areas of environment and innovation," said Wolke-Haupt. Among other things, cooperation with the Leipzig-Grünau-based State Academy of Studies Leipzig will be intensified in the context of a joint project to develop the Grünau prefabricated housing estate. In the environmental sector, there will be an increase in activities for the protection of insects. Among other things, flowering meadows and meadows with flowers will be created in the immediate vicinity of selected LWB housing estates, and free handicrafts for wild bee hotels will be offered at the eco-fête, for example.

13. February 2020