Schwantesstraße and Poserstraße

Schwantesstraße and Poserstraße are part of a small prefabricated housing estate which was built in the 1970s on former allotment garden sites in Schönefeld. From the beginning it was considered one of the most popular residential areas in Leipzig. The settlement with its wide green spaces, old trees, parks and playgrounds almost seems a bit village-like, yet is located near the city centre. By bike it is just 10 relaxed minutes to the city centre.

April 2021: Kick-off for the redevelopment of Poserstraße 57-87

LWB has started the third construction phase in its prefabricated residential district in Schönefeld. Just like the LWB buildings in Schwantesstraße next door, which underwent energy refurbishment and beautification between 2018 and 2019, extensive work and improvements are also planned for Poserstraße 57-87. For example, in the course of the façade renovation, not only will the existing balconies be repaired, but 80 new ones will be added. There are 170 apartments with one to four rooms in the five-storey buildings. More than half of the apartments already have a balcony.

Sanierungsbeginn Poserstraße 57-87

March 2019: The renovation continues

The second construction phase - renovation Schwantesstraße 1-25 has begun. As in the first stage, the following works are planned: Repair of the facades and installation of a thermal insulation composite system on the gables, painting of the entrance areas of the staircases, repair of existing and addition of new balconies and insulation of the heating lines and construction of the second escape route.

Schwantestraße 1-25 vor Sanierung

November 2018: Schwantesstraße 27-39 is completely renovated

In addition to the colorful facades, the renovated LWB houses are impressive with their newly added balconies, among other things. This has fulfilled a long-held wish of many tenants. Before the refurbishment, only half of the apartments - there are a total of 100 one- to four-room apartments - had a balcony.

Schwantesstraße 27-39 nach Sanierung