With the excavation of the building pit, the new building project Bernhard-Göring-Straße 17 was started at the beginning of 2019. Near the city centre, 97 apartments and an integrated day-care centre for children are being built.

March 2021: The first tenants have moved in

Almost two years after work began on the excavation pit, the new residential complex at the entrance to Südvorstadt has been completed. The apartments have been rented out since the beginning of this year. The demand is high. From March to June alone, almost 70 new tenants moved in – from singles to young families. Due to the rush and to avoid traffic jams in front of the buildings, the move-in schedule is to be coordinated with each newcomer. Work is also in full swing at the nursery, which is integrated into the ensemble. Furniture is being delivered, toys distributed and everything put away.

Fertigstellung Bernhard-Göring-Str 17

September 2020: Scafollding comes down

The house on Hohe Straße is ahead of the game as planned: A few weeks after the topping-out ceremony in June 2020, the scaffolding has come down, revealing a clear view of the modern façade. While many different trades are busy with the interior work behind the walls, since the end of August scaffolding on the other houses in the residential development has also been progressively coming down. The interior plastering and dry construction work have been completed there; the screed is drying. Thanks to so-called lean construction management – comparable to an assembly line – work at the major construction site not far from Bayrischer Platz is progressing at an impressive rate. From September onwards, the outdoor facilities will also start taking shape. First the substructure and ground pipes must be laid in the ground, then the site can be modelled, paths laid out, sown, and planted.

LWB Neubau Bernhard-Göring-Straße 17

April 2020: Shell construction, expansion, crane deconstruction

In Bernhard-Göring-Straße, work is proceeding entirely according to plan. Since the laying of the foundation stone in August 2019, the structural work on two buildings has been completed and a first crane has been deconstructed. Two other buildings are in the final stages of structural work. Various finishing works have now begun. They are moving from house to house and from floor to floor. The first windows have already been installed. Currently roofers are sealing terraces and roofs. In the underground car park, ceilings are being insulated and routes laid for later heating, ventilation and sanitary installations.

Bautenstand Bernhard-Göring-Straße

What's planned?

It is planned to construct 1- to 5-room apartments in a total of five buildings as well as a day-care centre for children integrated into the ensemble. With this project, the LWB is entering into the subsidized construction of new rental housing. Sixty percent of the apartments will be rent-controlled and cost 6.50 euros net per square meter cold. Interested parties need a certificate of eligibility to live in these rented apartments. This is dependent on income. Information can be obtained from the social welfare office of the city of Leipzig (Sozialamt der Stadt Leipzig).

Visualisierung Bernhard-Göring-Strasse