Dölziger Weg

In Dölziger Weg, the LWB has two housing estates - house numbers 2 and 4 - with a senior citizens' service. The apartments are designed to be barrier-free, and there are a wide range of care and services for the elderly on site. Medical practices, supermarkets and tram stops are in the immediate vicinity.

March 2019: Start of refurbishment at Dölziger Weg 4

The work that is being carried out is comparable to the measures in the identical building at Dölziger Weg 2, namely the repair of the roof and facade, the balcony balustrades and the entrance area. Windows and balcony doors will be replaced, barrier-free balcony access will be created and the electrical riser will be renewed. A modern intercom system will be installed, the facade and staircases will be repainted, the ventilation will be repaired and the heating system will be optimised. 

Dölziger Weg 4 vor Sanierung

November 2018: The house Dölziger Weg 2 is completely renovated

Both inside and outside, the nine-storey building is hardly recognisable after the renovation. Friendly, bright staircases and corridors welcome the tenants, the access to the balconies has no thresholds and is therefore also easily accessible for people with impaired mobility.

Dölitzer Weg 2