The residential area in Leipzig-Dölitz is located in the south of Leipzig near extensive parks and several lakes. There are many shops, restaurants and a very good connection to public transport in the district.

Oktober 2020: Home stretch on Gersterstraße

The newly designed facades shine in the autumnal sun. Strong red, plus light beige, lots of yellow, and a little blue: Gersterstraße 2-24 rounds off the colour scheme of the neighbourhood. After completion of the work on the "outer skin" of the houses at the end of October 2020, the refurbishment of the entire prefabricated building neighbourhood, which was started in 2017, is nearing its finale.  The construction work in the flats has been completed. In addition, existing balconies have been repaired and numerous new ones added. We have entered the "home stretch". In addition to final balcony work, the stairwells still need to be painted. Afterwards, the outdoor facilities will be repaired and the fire brigade bypass will be built. Everything should be ready by the end of 2020.

Sanierung Gersterstraße 2-24

April 2020: third stage of construction in Gesterstraße 2-24

The energetic process of redevelopment in Leipzig-Dölitz is well under way. The prefabricated housing blocks at Gersterstraße 2-24 are being redeveloped during the third stage of construction. The buildings are being insulated and the windows, doors and wiring are all being replaced. The facades and stairwells are getting a new coat of paint. The heating system is being optimized. Of the 129 flats present, 110 are being equipped with a balcony for the very first time. Those balconies that already exist are being redeveloped.

Sanierung Gersterstraße 2-24

April 2019: Second construction phase in Gersterstraße

The prefabricated buildings at Gersterstraße 1-7, built in 1974/75, are being renovated and modernised to improve their energy efficiency. In addition, balconies are being added, as only a quarter of the apartments were originally equipped with them. After the refurbishment, a thermal insulation composite system will be installed on the gables. The windows will be partially replaced and new apartment doors installed, the staircases will be beautified and the heating system optimised.

Gersterstraße 1-7

November 2018: A balcony for everyone

The refurbishment of the prefabricated concrete slab buildings at Gersterstrasse 11-17 has brought a lot of fresh colour to the residential area and at the same time created a new living feeling for the tenants. Now all apartments have a balcony.

Gersterstraße 11-17 nach Sanierung

2017: Renovation started in Dölitz

The work on the two construction phases in Gersterstrasse is comparable to all the renovation measures that were already being carried out in 2017 in the LWB buildings in the neighboring Georg-Maurer-Strasse 1-23.

Balkone Georg-Maurer-Straße 1-23