On behalf of the future

We base our actions on the principles of economic, social as well as ecological sustainability. This includes the conservation of resources, the support of social projects, fair behaviour towards our contractors and the promotion of environmentally friendly measures.

LWB veröffentlicht Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2022

Die LWB ist mehr als nur Wohnen. Als größter Vermieter in Leipzig ist sich das Unternehmen seiner Verantwortung bewusst - für Mensch und Natur.

Das zeigt auch der Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2022. Auf 80 Seiten sind jede Menge Details über das Engagement der LWB für eine nachhaltige und klimafreundliche Unternehmensentwicklung zu finden. In Interviews, Grafiken und Fotos ist abgebildet, wie das Unternehmen strategisch mit den Herausforderungen umgeht, wo die LWB steht und auf welch vielfältige Art und Weise für die Mieter und Quartiere Verantwortung übernommen wird. Auf dem Weg in Richtung Klimaneutralität kommen wir nur gemeinsam voran.

LWB Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2022

LWB veröffentlicht Nachhaltigkeitsbericht

Nach dem Klimabericht 2020 hat die LWB erstmals einen umfassenden Nachhaltigkeitsbericht  für das Geschäftsjahr 2021 erstellt.

Erfasst sind alle Aktivitäten für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften und eine verantwortungsvolle Unternehmensführung.

LWB Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2021

LWB publisches climate report

For the first time, LWB has published a detailed climate report.

The (digital) brochure summarises all activities for the environment and protection of natural resources. It is clear that LWB is already very well positioned in key areas and has achieved a great deal, including the energy-efficient refurbishment of the existing buildings in its portfolio. On the other hand, it becomes clear that major challenges will have to be overcome in order to achieve the 2045 climate goals.

LWB climate report 2020 (german)

Tailor-made energy saving refurbishment

With the redevelopment of the Kreuzstraßenviertel we have successfully implemented a model project for the energy saving redevelopment of a prefabricated housing area. Within five years, a total of 1,058 apartments were refurbished and the entire residential complex was modernised in a family-friendly and senior-friendly manner.  Based on our calculations after the first construction phase, we assess that given the proper consumption behavior, the rent for flat is as favorable as before Even before we actually started work on the construction site, our project has been awarded with a federal prize for a good cost to benefits ratio concerning energy related refurbishment measures.

LWB Nachhaltigkeit

Embracing solar energy

On the roofs of our homes we currently operate 55 solar power plants  generating clean energy. Compared to other housing providers we are proud to have the most solar collectors. The generated electricity is used to operate our building services or directly fed into the grid. Our latest photovoltaic system is located at our company headquarters.

Solaranlage LWB

DGNB certificate

Our new company headquarters was certified by the German Sustainable Building Council in 2015.

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That’s nothing to sneeze at

Another example for the conscious use of natural resources is our consistent use of recycled paper. Because we actively promote those kinds of environmentally friendly measures, we have been awarded the Blue Angel and the EU Eco-Label, for all our printed matter.

Parties for nature

In June, the LWB always hosts a large planting festival as part of the Ökofete. From little trees to sunflowers, from herb bushes to balcony plants: with this campaign we not only bring more than 1,000 new plants to the city every year, but also draw attention to our responsibility for 13,500 trees and more than 1,100,000 square meters of lawn and bedding.

Leipziger Ökofete