LWB becomes sponsor of a Grünau primary school

Professional footballers from RB Leipzig, a DIY store, the Sparkasse, a jeweller and the LWB have one thing in common: they are sponsors of a total of 38 Leipzig primary schools. With their donations for the sponsorship model of the Ralf Rangnick Foundation, they support the implementation of various projects in the respective educational institutions. The cooperation is initially limited to one year.

With the Friedrich Fröbel School, the LWB has taken over sponsorship of a primary school in Leipzig-Grünau. "We rent many apartments in Grünau and therefore often know the living situation of families," says branch office manager Christian Apel. "It was important to us that our support benefits children." The LWB does not only want to help with money, but also to give life to the cooperation.

The Ralf Rangnick Foundation was founded in 2018 by the former RB Leipzig coach and sports director. Its aim is to support children in their development into responsible, independent and capable adolescents and young adults. "Education is the basis for a strong and sustainable society" is the vision of the foundation. In addition to the school sponsorship model, the foundation has launched projects on healthy nutrition, enables children to take part in a digital workshop and promotes road safety for primary school children with the "bicycle driving licence".

21 October 2019